Accidental Knock Up
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Accidental Knock Up by Sloane Peterson


I secretly hooked up with my brother’s best friend.
If that’s not bad enough, he knocked me up.
This secret can’t go on forever.
My bro is going to kill us.

For the past four years, I’ve been traveling Europe, working with the best chefs in the world.
Finally, I return home to L.A. to start my career.

To celebrate my being back home, my friends and I go out to a club and have a few too many drinks.

His name is Lincoln Grayson.

He’s my brother’s best friend, a rookie football star for the L.A. Stallions.

I had no intentions of going home with him but there’s something about him that feels just like catnip.

Turns out, we’re really good together and our one-night stand turns into a more permanent friend with benefits arrangement.

Until a positive pregnancy test changes everything.

This is a full length romance novel with a Happily Ever After. No cliffhanger here!
You can read any book in this series in any order you choose. Enjoy!

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