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Accidental Engagement by Scott Wylder

What happens when I take my pledge to please the client a bit over the line? I’m Leslie Kaufman, co-owner of KLeaning Services Unlimited. The name says it all, I guess. I’m used to pandering to the excesses of rich and eccentric clients. Billionaire Jack Morton fits the bill, for sure. He requests some rather unorthodox help from me. He needs to fool his mother into thinking he is engaged. To me. I’m not sure why I agreed to do it; maybe to add some excitement to my boring existence. Things spin out of control quickly when his mother shows up with her aloof manner and spouting her disappointments about Jack’s personal life. Will I be able to pull of the fake fiancé role and convince his mother of our love? Will Jack and I be able to keep our relationship only professional? Or will Mother’s counter-play bond us together for better or worse?
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