About That Pact
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About That Pact by Erin Lynne


Anyone have that one person, that colossal mistake, who just won’t stay in the past?

Charlotte Madison did and his name was Rafe Bianchi. Unfortunately for her, the only life she knew had Rafe in it. Their parents were best friends, so they saw a lot of each other whether or not they liked it. That’s right. Family vacations, BBQ parties, birthday celebrations – every family function he was there.

Rafe wasn't always a nightmare. There was a time when they were friends. As kids, they played all summer, getting into trouble, racing on their bikes, and making pacts. It was all fun and games until the innocence of their promises turned a bit sexy. One deal they didn’t shake on, but happened anyway?


Charlotte and Rafe crossed a line and their friendship vanished as they turned on each other. Their relationship slipped from friends to enemies. Whenever they saw each other, an argument happened. Charlotte and Rafe fighting was the new normal, so when he hustled her into owing him five favors, she was expecting war. Just like when they were kids, Charlotte owed him and he wouldn't let her forget about it.

Owing him was something she was used to. What was the worst that could happen this time around?  

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