A Taste of Peace (Malibu Series Book 1)
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The love ignited between Lachlan and Miranda is such an awesome Cinderella Story!  Tracey Bartolone ★★★★★


When reformed bad boy Lachlan Peace starts running his dying father’s billion-dollar empire, he inherits shady investment schemes that threaten to tarnish his reputation and destroy the Peace empire. Lachlan Peace’s true passion in life is music. He also can’t take his eyes off his new admin assistant, Miranda Flowers. Miranda can’t believe her luck she’s finally landed a well-paying job working for Peace at his sprawling Malibu estate. Dazzled by the opulence of her new workplace, which boasts a private beach amongst other fine trappings, Miranda thinks she’s won a celestial lottery. One of her more pleasant tasks, missing from the job description, involves accompanying her handsome boss to lavish balls as his pretend date. Miranda soon discovers that her unfriendly and very demanding manager has her sights on Lachlan Peace, with whom the CFO shares a complicated history. When this scheming manager notices that Miranda has caught the eye of the man that she’s determined to marry she hatches a plan to force his hand. Although the obstacles come thick and fast, there’s only one thing Lachlan Peace is certain about: he’s crazy about Miranda. But can Miranda compete with her sly and crafty manager, who has something over Lachlan? And will Miranda and Lachlan’s off-the-charts chemistry survive the SEC, the mob, and the sharp claws of a dangerously ambitious woman?

It is a love story with a good dose of drama and danger, secrets and lies, sexual tension and chemistry, engaging secondary characters to keep the reader interested. Mindy L ★★★★★

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