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A Suite Deal by Sue Gibson

Opposite-attract, but nobody ever said it'd be easy! Dumped by her fiancé, Lily Greensly retreats to Buttermilk Falls to help out at her family's rustic fishing lodge... But when she finds a new-age hotel spoiling the view from her cherished Osprey Island, Lily decides that the Nirvana Hotel's handsome owner warrants closer scrutiny. Ambitious hotelier, Ethan Weatherall, is determined to buy Lily's island and convert it to a concrete helipad. But when Lily's sweet soul and independent spirit start to make his heart beat faster, he struggles not to fall for a woman who hates the city life. Now, Lily must figure out a way to stop Ethan from destroying the tranquility of the lake while trying to resist his charms. If she can't, there's more than just Osprey Island at stake. You will adore this sweet romance because who doesn't love watching two enemies fall in love?
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