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A Sudden Spark by Liwen Y. Ho

A writer too shy to speak to women. A single mom who’s sworn off men. And a marriage of convenience that offers two friends a chance at romance. Brandon Spark may know a thing or two about women as a romance author, but his real love life proves otherwise. Between his hang-up over a college friend and bouts with social anxiety, dating is the last thing on his mind … until he runs into his old crush. Hair stylist Bria Montgomery made some major mistakes a decade ago—wandering from her faith, then getting pregnant and dropping out of college. She’s desperate to leave her past—and the men from it—behind, but it’s impossible when they keep showing up in her life. Brandon can’t believe he has a second chance with his first love; Bria can’t fathom ever falling for a guy she friend-zoned years ago. When an unexpected custody battle forces them to become husband and wife, things get intense and personal—fast. Will this sudden change end their friendship or spark a lasting romance? Each book in the Spark Brothers series is a standalone and can be read separately. To follow the stories as they occur in the overall timeline, feel free to read them in this order: A Single Spark - Book One A Sudden Spark - Book Two The Sweetest Spark - Book Three At First Spark - Book Four An Extra Spark - Book Five
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