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Lord Ernest Bannerman is soon to become the new Earl. On his father's deathbed, he will find out that his dying wish is to marry the gossiping Lady Grace Bragg, extend the family line, and honour his name. Ernest wants nothing more than to uphold his father's legacy, therefore he accepts this fate, until one night he finds his significant other into the flames. He will fight his every instinct to love her, trying to stay true to his promise. Will he eventually break his vow and escape from this love triangle, or he will be forced to spend a miserable life, for the sake of honour-for the sake of the dead? Lady Diana Harrington is a woman of immense bravery, strong character, and stunning beauty. When she beholds the man who rescued her from the burning fire, she is fascinated, but soon the excitement fades when she finds out that he is to be married. Their attraction is strong like a magnet and the heroine cannot hide her desire for Ernest anymore. Will she find the strength to repress her feelings or will she surrender to their passionate love? A story filled with passion, intrigue, dilemmas and tension that the readers will be unable to put down. Will the heroes follow the social rules and expectations? Will they choose to listen to their heart, or their head and moral commitments? "A Seductive Lady Rescued From Flames" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.