A Second Chance for the Tormented Lady
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They say the darkest hours are just before the dawn. Now, her sun is about to rise again, ignited by his love. It was only a year ago that Frederica Chaput was rescued from her seemingly endless misery by her brother and his wife. Liberated from her mind’s cage but still bound to her horrible husband forever, she yearns for the freedom to control her life and to love again – especially when a kind-hearted marquess steals into her thoughts. But the nightmare is not over yet: Francois Chaput is alive and he’s not done with her... Liam Somerset, the Marquess of Marcombe, never imagined that falling in love would be that easy… or that hard. The object of his affection, however, is married and all he can give her is his friendship. When the shadows of her past seep into the present, Liam will not sit idly by. To save her, he is willing to sacrifice everything. Even his heart. Locked in a deadly game with a monster and hindered by a merciless society, Liam, Frederica and their loved ones must find a way to save her. But the stakes are even higher, and Chaput will settle for nothing less than the demise of them all...
A clean love is simply a means to spell out a love story that will not include explicit sex, excessive gore and violence, and profanity. The category is started by amazon. This new category helps readers that desire the love and emotion without particulars of this romantic bedroom kitchen/car/outside / etc.--gymnastics to discover exactly what they're looking for. You may read this book with your family. This class is specially created for readers that are uncomfortable reading fantasy books with sexually explicit material, an excessive amount of blood and guts, and a lot of f-bombs.

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