A Second Chance At Forever
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A Second Chance At Forever by Alexis Winter


I’m f—ed with a capital F.
Fifteen years ago I left this town and my past behind with no explanation.
Including Willow Taylor and her broken heart.

The moment I see her bright blue eyes again, I know what I’ve always known…I never stopped loving her.
Fifteen years she’s haunted me and now she’s standing here, in my arms, and I’m holding myself back from claiming her.
From making her mine again.

But what she doesn’t understand is, I’m not that twenty-one year old kid anymore.
I’m a red blooded man who knows what he wants and I’m only going to warn her once—she’s playing with fire.
She may think it’s a fun game but I’ll have her so wrecked, begging me for mercy that she’ll regret it.

I know I sound like an asshole, like a possessive maniac but I am.
I’m tortured by her presence, by images of her every night behind my eyelids.
I see the look in her eyes and I want to scare her—to remind her that getting involved with me again will ruin us both.

I’m back for one reason, to clean up the mess my dad made and try to right my wrongs.
But there’s people here who still hate me and want to make sure I know it.

I wish I had the guts to come clean.
To tell her all my dirty secrets and lies—tell her that there isn’t an obstacle I wouldn’t face to make her happy.
But I can’t make a promise to her that I can’t keep, no matter how bad I want a second chance at forever.

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