A Rogues & Gentlemen Christmas
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A Compilation of THREE Christmas tales from the Rogues & Gentlemen Series...


Winter's Wild Melody

Caught in the storm on his way home after a week of overindulgence, Viscount Debdon takes shelter in an abandoned farmhouse, only to realise...

He is not alone.

When his ghostly companion is revealed to be not only an earthly body, but a heavenly one too, the temptation to remain lost in the woods is hard to resist.


The Christmas Rose

The youngest son of a marquess ...
Darkly handsome Ludo - universally known as Lascivious Lord Courtney - is the wickedest rake in Christendom. With a reputation that makes nice young ladies swoon, he is just not the marrying kind.

A friend to the rescue...
Unwitting wallflower Felicity Bunting is only trying to protect a friend when she finds herself in a compromising position with this lusty lord.

An unlikely pairing...
She might not have meant to do it, but Bunty just accidentally trapped Lord Courtney into marriage.

Neither of them is what the other ever expected to have, but perhaps they might be all they ever wanted.


The Winter Bride

Widowed farmer Ned Hardy is facing a bleak winter and a lonely Christmas, when a beautiful young woman turns up on his doorstep in the middle of the night, frozen and terrified.

Stunned by the arrival of a fine lady who looks like a Christmas angel, all of Ned's protective instincts flare to life.

Grace Honeyfield is on the run from her abusive brother and the terrifying man he's forcing her to marry. Escaping into the darkness on a snowy night, she stumbles onto an isolated farm, and into the arms of a handsome farmer. Although not a gentleman by birth, Grace comes to realise Ned deserves the title more than any well-bred man of her acquaintance.

When Ned offers to marry Grace to keep her safe, he dares hope that the future might hold more happiness than the past. To his astonishment, Grace agrees to his proposal, and Ned can't help but wonder if all his Christmases have come at once.

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