A Rescued Heart
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A Rescued Heart by Meara Platt


USA Today bestselling author Meara Platt brings this Regency era family saga to its emotional happily ever after as the last of the Croft siblings finds love and redemption in the arms of the woman who has always held his heart.

Annie Whitcomb often helped out her father in his medical practice in their quiet seaside village of Torquay, and his worst patient without doubt was Major Peter Croft. His surly disposition and abuse of opium to ease the pain of his battle injuries left him fit company for no one. Yet, when her father unexpectedly passes away, leaving her destitute and with nowhere to turn, it is Peter who comes to her with a startling proposition...marry him.

The injuries Major Peter Croft sustained while battling Napoleon’s armies had left him a shell of a man, but he found his salvation in the form of Annie Whitcomb, the beautiful angel who nursed him back from the brink of death. Now having recovered his health and his dignity, it is up to Peter to come to the rescue of Annie. He has always loved her, but never felt himself worthy. When she finds herself in difficulty, Peter steps forward to offer her a marriage of convenience. But he hopes for so much more. Will Annie ever find it in her heart to love him?

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