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A Queen’s Trust by Alexa Ryder

Andi’s been a fighter for as long as she can remember. When her father fell in battle against the Lions, it became her duty to protect her people. After a decade of bloodshed, both sides are ready for peace. But the patriarchal Lions won’t treat with a female, even if she is queen. Finding a mate wasn’t an option when every fighter was needed on the field. Now Andi needs a mate, and most of her options died in the war. Troy, a former slave taken from his clan at a young age, needs answers, answers only his own kind can provide. Without them, he’ll lose the most precious thing he has. He treks south, dodging Human patrols for unchipped shifters. As time grows short, his desperation rises. In a Human bar, he finally finds what he’s looking for. A chance meeting with another Panther leads to a night of passion, but in the morning he’s left with nothing but an empty bed and a name. Andi. Troy and Andi's story spans a 3-book arc, which ends on a glowing HEA. Enjoy the angst along the way!
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