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A New Home for the Duke by Rose Pearson

Lord Stephen Carrington, the Duke of Edgewater, lost his wife, his children lost their mother. How could he know that having a governess would never fully do? What he really needs is a wife. Jenny Edgington took to her position of governess quickly and easily. Having knowing the loss of her parents herself, she was more than able to care and nurture the two children of Duke Carrington while he finished his duties overseas. Now that he is free to return home though the duty he has to his remaining family feels like an insurmountable weight. Lucky for him, Miss Edgington isn’t going anywhere. And it might be that the woman who is keeping his family together, and helping his children heal from their loss, just might be the one to help him heal too. He swore that he would never love again, but as he fully knows, life doesn’t always give you a choice.
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