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All he wanted was a governess for his children. He never thought he would find his second chance in love. Sebastian Blackburn Earl of Grimshaw is more the perturbed at the loss of his last governess. It would seem that she only used her employment as a means of securing a desirable match. Now he is in need of a new teacher for his two motherless girls and this time Lord Grimshaw won’t be trusting a solicitor to secure the position. He’s learned the hard way if he wants something done right, he’ll have to do it himself. Miss Hannah Jacobson is desperate for any employment at this. After a year harassed by Baron Edgley and then a shameful dismissal without reference when she refuses his advances, Hannah is now blackballed from any governess position in all of London. Hannah is desperate to secure not only her own living but also has her impoverished parents and many siblings dependent on her financial support. Lord Grimshaw is exhausted by the countless young, beautiful, and sociable candidates that the solicitor provides when suddenly Hannah Jacobson walks in. She is plain, and thread barren. She wears unsightly large spectacles and a matronly cap that nearly covers most of her face. Lord Grimshaw is sure this wallflower won’t be catching anyone’s eye any time soon and hires her on the spot. Hannah knows this is her last chance to secure a living and leave with an outstanding recommendation to offset her previous employment, but will she be able to suffer all those outlandish and controlling rules the Earl suggests for the sake of her family? And what happens when she suddenly finds herself being stalked by Lord Grimshaw’s footman? Will Lord Grimshaw be able to see through his new governess and discover the secret that’s been troubling her? And how will he react when though he has to a proper mother for his children, his heart draws itself to Miss Jacobson continually with a strong desire to protect her? Introducing the "A Mysterious Governess for the Reluctant Earl" Novel - Discover NOW The New Clean & Sweet Regency Historical Romance Book by Abby Ayles! "A Mysterious Governess for the Reluctant Earl" is a historical regency romance novel of approximately 90,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Page Count: around 340+ pages Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!