A Love Story for Christmas
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A Love Story for Christmas by Jamie Knight


He's my fake fiancé. But is this real love?

I need a date for my firm's Christmas ski trip.
My neighbor, Salvador, needs a photoshoot partner.
We agree to exchange favors for each other.
And I only do it because I'm desperate.
He's a hotel model but he's so full of his cocky self.
Yet he's the only person I could think of to ask.
Plus, it's not like I really have to marry him.
It's just pretend.
So what if I find it enjoyable?
And I wind up in his bed once we're off the slopes?

This is just a fake engagement turned holiday fling.
But could this season brings us a real happily ever after?

This box set contains the following books in the complete Love Story for Christmas series: A Second Chance for Christmas, A Fiance for Christmas and A Baby for Christmas. All of them are set in Castle Falls and follow couples who are friends, so you can keep up with them in each book and binge-read this whole collection.

Jamie Knight always promises to bring you a happily ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

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