A Little Naughty
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A Little Naughty by Pepper Swan


I’d lost my belief in Christmas…
Until 3 wise men helped to revive my faith.
But will this feeling last or is it simply Christmas magic?

There’s Nick Morgenstern, possibly the most eligible bachelor in all of Cricket, with his smooth moves, bad boy reputation and drool worthy good looks.

Kris Cruz has soulful eyes, and a hard body that causes me to swoon every time he comes anywhere around me.

And Rudy Camarari who I’ve had a crush on since high school after only one heart-pounding, heat-filled kiss that is once again taunting my holiday dreams.

I’d wanted to get through this Christmas season without incident and without having to attend any of the town’s over-the-top holiday festivities.

Problem is the 3 grannies like to play matchmaker, and have each talked me into a date with their grandsons… who they each claim is perfect for me. I can’t refuse these amazing ladies, not when I owe them so much.

Now, I’m dating 3 enchanting men, and I'm loving the Christmas season once again. When the grannies ask me privately to choose my favorite grandson, I have no choice but to tell each of them the truth… their particular grandson is my favorite.

Is this a Christmas miracle or are the three grannies right? Each of their grandsons is perfect for me… all three of them.

A Little Naughty is a sizzling, small-town reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes all done with a touch of humor that just might melt your Kindle. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed… Thanks for reading!

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