A Little Like Romeo
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A Little Like Romeo by Emily Childs


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#1 Jacobson family rule: Don't fall for the enemy.

Our families are sworn bakery rivals, but when Jonas Olsen plays the hero during a rather embarrassing slip on the ice, a forbidden friendship takes me across enemy lines.

This should be simple, right? A few college café lunches here, some late night study sessions there, and none will be the wiser. It doesn't hurt that Jonas is funny...and sweet...and really easy on the eyes.

But when he kisses me, he's not just a secret friend anymore--he's the guy I'm falling head-first in love with.

If our families find out, this feud will turn into an all out war!

Welcome to the one-of-a-kind sweet, swoony ride following small-town Scandinavian bakers and the ones who hold their hearts. A toe-curling happily ever after, guaranteed. 

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