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A is for Alpha by Kate Aster

Who put the “O” in Aloha? Yeah, that’s me. Camden Sheridan. A guy who will bring you to “O” faster than you can text it. Former Army Ranger with the standard issue 8-pack. And now, a bartender who’ll get you safely back to your hotel after too many margaritas… and you won’t want me to leave. Believe me, you won’t. I live life by my rules in my bachelor pad paradise here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Until a Ranger brother needs me to take care of his little girl while he deploys. A four-year-old cockblock in pigtails. My sex life comes to a screeching halt. Then the babysitter shows up. Annie. Smart, principled, good with kids. All the things I don’t look for in a woman. I want her anyway. Annie’s got a fortress of secrets surrounding her. But I’ll break it down and claim her as mine. If this kid will just take a nap.
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