A Hole
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A Hole by Phoebe Alexander


A comedian and a bank teller walk into a bar... The start of a steamy romance--or just a funny stand-up bit?

Ace Bennett’s comedy career is taking off--and his love life might be too when he meets a beautiful curvy blonde bank teller named Ella Craig. She’s skeptical about dating him, so Ace bets her he’ll make her laugh if she comes to watch his stand-up act. If he wins? She has to have a drink with him.

But then Ella's friends warn her about some rumors they've heard about Ace--now all bets are off.

With meddling friends and myriad misunderstandings, can these two find a happy ending? Or will Ella become the punchline of Ace’s next joke?

A Hole is part of the Alpha Bet Guys series, which is about five alpha’ish guys who like to make bets and the curvy women who bring them to their knees. Each steamy 20,000-30,000-word romcom novella can be read as a standalone.

Book 1: A Hole - Ace & Ella's story 
Book 2: The Big O - Ozzy & Hazel's story
Book 3: Need the D - Dante & Julia's story
Book 4: Hard F - Fox & Jenna's story
Book 5: Ride the C - Cruz & Mia's story

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