A Highland Autumn
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A Highland Autumn by Sophia Nye


“Captivating from start to finish.” -Amazon Reviewer
“A Highland Autumn twists and turns its way to a very satisfying conclusion.” -Amazon Reviewer

A murder, a mix-up, and a midnight missive make for one unforgettable Highland romance…

There is absolutely no way Adelina is giving up on her dreams. She’s going to be the first female scholar at Oxford, or die trying. And no, she’s not overly dramatic if that’s what you’re thinking. When Adelina lands a post in some far-fetched corner of war-torn Scotland, murder and treason are very real threats to Adelina and Clan Calder.

Luckily (and annoyingly), the beastly laird has a distractingly dashing son who won’t leave her alone. It makes the stress of her new position a lot easier to take, what with all the kissing, but it’s also interfering with her ability to prove her skills as a scholar.

Can Adelina take the heat, find the traitor, and save the laird to earn her seat at Oxford? Or will the laird’s son prove too great a distraction?

If you love feisty heroines, heart-of-gold heroes, noble/commoner relationships, and luscious Highland landscapes, A Highland Autumn will keep you reading all night.

Steamy and sweet with a little bit of heat (4 out of 5 heat level). Unless you count the banter. Then it’s smokin’.

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