A Heart Realigned
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A Heart Realigned by Elizabeth Maddrey


A footloose painter and a deeply rooted mechanic share an instant attraction, but these opposites will both need to bend for love to have a chance.

Repainting historic murals at Peacock Hill will pad Azure Hewitt’s bank account and allow her to drift where the wind takes her. If only the group of friends working at the old mansion weren’t so welcoming. Their immediate acceptance and inclusion reinforces one of the downsides of her footloose life. Add in the local car buff and mechanic? Putting down roots could almost be attractive.

The more Matt Patterson’s uncle pushes him to take over the family auto shop, the less Matt’s sure he wants to stay where he’s planted…but even as he contemplates spreading his wings, he can’t imagine a life like Azure’s with no fixed address. Even so, he’s positive a settled life isn’t something she sees in her future.

With Azure’s project nearing completion and Matt’s uncle anxious for a decision, neither is sure where God is calling them to be. But if their hearts are aligned to His desire, surely their love will have a chance.

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Return to Peacock Hill where new friends gather in a small town set in the Blue Ridge Mountains to restore a Gilded Age mansion, discover their passion, and fall in love.

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In simple words, the novel penned by a Christian worldview, a way of viewing the world separated through the facts shown in the Bible, is called Christian books. It implies a sovereign God who made everyone and everything; it believes we are responsible to God for our decisions, promises, and activities; it feels we require forgiveness and redemption and that it comes only through the person of Jesus Christ. There are two types of Christian Books: Christian fiction Christian fiction books are those books that overtly display elements of Christianity in the story, mixing things like prayer, conversion, church. Christian non-fiction Christian non-fiction is normally overt in its use of Biblical beliefs to explain an appropriate subject.

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