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A Good-Hearted Man by Barbara Kaylor

Sarina Bridges is alone, broke, and homeless. On her quest to find the safe place promised by God, she reluctantly trespasses onto private property with the notion she won’t be discovered. She just needs a good night’s sleep under a roof. In the morning, she’ll be long gone. At least that’s her plan. What happens next is straight out of her dreams, but quickly turns nightmarish. Jess Slinger, former wrestler turned farrier, desires a wife and family to share the fifty-five acre farm he inherited from the couple who took him in and led him to the Lord. When he discovers Sarina asleep in his garden shed, Jess knows in his heart it’s a divine act of God. Instead of calling the law, Jess extends a helping hand, a move that enrages locals not keen having strangers in their midst, especially the law breaking kind. Sarina suddenly finds herself a target of hate then accused of a crime she didn’t commit. Willing to risk it all, Jess vows to protect Sarina no matter what. The two are drawn to each other, but dark secrets they each carry endanger their chance for love and happiness. Only a strong faith in God can help them overcome the obstacles that keep them apart.
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