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A Gentleman for Judith by Sahara Kelly

“Your pleasure is my pleasure, Miss Fairhurst.” Sir Ragnor Withersby to Miss Judith Fairhurst, in a cupboard, the British Museum, London 1817 A skill at cards is not usually part of a young lady’s repertoire. An astounding skill at piquet? Unheard of. Yet here’s Miss Judith Fairhurst, a natural at the game, facing renowned expert Sir Ragnor Withersby across the table—and thoroughly defeating him. Their first hand arouses his interest, their first kiss arouses a lot more, and elegant man-about-town Sir Ragnor is about to find out what it’s like to tumble headfirst off a dangerous cliff into unknown waters. There will be gambling, of course. Potential scandals, cheats and revelations will abound. There will be new friends, sculptures, a strange decanter of brandy and a very nice bottom. Perhaps Fate has set their feet on a path to pleasure, but not all their steps will be smooth. Some games must be very carefully played…
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