A Family’s Blessing
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A Family’s Blessing by Carolyne Aarsen


Sharing with the enemy is almost as bad as falling for them...

Ethan Westerveld wasn't about to give up half the family farm to a complete stranger no matter how beautiful she was. But the ink was dry, the damage done and nothing could change the fact that Hannah Kristofferson was now fifty percent owner in his family farm.

But only if she stuck around.

Hannah, a born and bred city girl, had zero intentions of living on a farm.

Especially not the farm that was the home place of Sam Westerveld, the only father she had ever known.

A man who had betrayed her and her mother when he walked out on them all those years ago and back to Millars Crossing and the bosom of his tight-knit family and community.

One of the conditions of the will, however, was that Hannah had every right to do what she wanted with her half of the farm if she stayed six months. Stay and she could decide what she wanted to do with her half. Leave and she forfeited any right to the money.

Ethan never expected to have feelings for this headstrong beauty with her heart set on leaving. And Hannah didn't expect to fall in love with Millars Crossing. Or her infuriatingly charming and handsome co-owner who never met a girl he couldn't charm.

Hannah is determined to stay the course, but will she lose more than she might gain if she walks away from Ethan and a life that holds more than she ever dared dream of?

A Family’s Blessing is the second book in the Love in Millars Crossing series. Come back to Millars Crossing in this book about relationships, redemption and sweet, sweet romance.

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