A Family to Love

A Family to Love by Louise Grey


(Originally published as "Candace.")

Falling in love couldn't have come at a worst time…

After the sudden death of her parents, eighteen-year-old Candace Callaghan suppressed her grief, dreams of college, and a family of her own, to raise her younger sisters and pick up the pieces of her broken family. Ten years later, Candace strives to make things better for all the family's she got left, in a small-town that has "ghost-town" written all over it. But when her godfather and boss decides to sell his business to a multi-billion dollar Norwegian company, things get a whole lot worse…

The promise of economic growth for Lakeshore threatens to leave Candace's job on the cutting floor. It doesn't help that the job-slasher himself is the gorgeous lead negotiator Marcus Sigurdsson.

His cool, debonair charm and genuine interest in her family revives Candace's dream of a future she'd buried long ago. And when she finds out the secrets of his painful past — secrets that eerily echo her own — she can no longer fight her growing attraction to him.

But falling for Marcus is a risk she can't afford to take. Not when his final decision and departure would leave her family in financial ruin, and her with a shattered heart.

A Family to Love is the first book in the Callaghan Sisters Series set in the small (fictional) town of Lakeshore, Michigan. If you enjoy clean, heart-stirring romance, with the no-holds-barred ups and downs of living with sisters, you'll want to grab this one.

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