A Dash of Romance
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A Dash of Romance by Sydney Campbell


A fake relationship gone awry.

Maggie’s made a big mistake…
With her brother Justin’s help, sweet, innocent Maggie Grant left the city and moved to Mountain Valley to work on her romance novel in peace. Her parents, very much against the decision, have decided to pay her a visit and drag her back home. In a moment of panic, Maggie tells them she won’t leave because she’s met the perfect man and they’re now living together. The only problem? He doesn’t exist.

Liam was just minding his own business…
Chef Liam Grayson can’t figure out what he’s doing in Justin Grant’s restaurant. Sure, he owes him for letting him steal away his prized sous-chef, but never in a million years did he imagine the favour he’d have to perform in return. Turns out Justin’s kid sister needs a fake boyfriend for a week, and hot, bad-boy Liam is the only one who can do the job.

A fauxmance neither of them wanted…
Neither Maggie nor Liam are thrilled with the arrangement…until they actually meet. But playboy Liam can’t figure prudish Maggie out—he’s never encountered a woman so closed off before. And a romance writer to boot! He knows if he can just get her to let her guard down a little… but they’re both wholly unprepared for what comes next.

Get ready for a hot romance you won’t soon forget.

A Dash of Romance is the third novel in a series of stand-alone steamy contemporary romance stories based in Mountain Valley.

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