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A Chance with You by Sarah Taylor

Brady I’m a confirmed bachelor and fine with that. I don’t need a woman in my life, my job is everything to me and that’s what I live for. Truth is, I’m kind of struggling with something that I can’t shift. I couldn’t save a family from an incident I attended last year, and I feel like a failure. I can’t get their images out of my head and there’s no way I can take the promotion I’ve been offered. It just doesn’t seem right. And as for a relationship? There’s no way I could commit to something like that right now. Only, there’s Olivia. She’s smart and fun and has a great sense of humor. But it’s not the right time. Is it? Olivia I own a flower shop in town and life is slowly getting back to normal. I’m gradually getting over the death of my fiancé. He was cop who died in the line of duty and I certainly don’t want to go through anything like that ever again. Now I’m living life like I should, hooking up with my best friend Lucy whenever I can and starting over again. The problem is Brady. He’s a firefighter and I know I would fall for him if I let myself. For that reason I need space, away from him and never let him know my feelings. But what if I’m wrong and he could make me happy? Are you craving a sweet insta-love story? No cliffhangers? Guaranteed HEA? A Chance with You is the perfect short, steamy read you've been waiting for.