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A Brilliant Rose by Bree Wolf

In this bittersweet regency romance by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF, a brilliant lady and a lonely lord come to see that while first impressions can be wrong…true love always triumphs. ROSE LAWSON, an archeologist’s daughter and quite the historian herself, hates to be seen as merely a pretty face. With a sharp mind and a deep interest in ancient cultures, she cannot help but loathe men who turn a deaf ear the moment she opens her mouth. Until the day the impossible happens. Retreating to her favorite place in the world - the British Museum - Rose stumbles over a rather unique man. A man who delights in her knowledge of an Ancient Greek proverb. A man who makes her feel precious and perfect and whose smile sweeps her off her feet. CHARLES DASHWOOD has lost everything. His friends and colleagues. His favorite pastime and utter passion. His place in the world. Even his identity. No longer is his name his own, but now belongs to his twin brother. Still, it was all worth it to see Robert happily married to the woman he loved. Until the day it was not. Rational-minded Charles has never believed he of all people would ever find love until he meets a breathtaking, young lady in the British Museum. Her eyes seem to look into his soul and see all that he is and more and, all of a sudden, Charles finds himself wanting something he’d never even dreamed of. And then his brother’s past catches up with him and turns Rose’s bewitching smile into a disapproving scowl. How can Charles apologize for something he didn’t do?
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