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By bestselling author Mya Grey - sexy, funny holiday romance - " A Billionaire's First Love" tells a story of the first love for a sexy Spanish Billionaire Heir – as enemies to lovers. An irresistible page-turner for those that enjoy the action and adventure of an explosive friendship turned loving and passionate romance. A Billionaire’s First Love A Mya Grey's short story packed with travel, mixed martial arts, and contemporary romance. "Tap if you don't want to get hurt!" he hears as he opens his eyes to see her beautiful face close to his as he lay flat on his back on the mat. The last thing he remembered was his face between her thighs as she cut off his circulation. Alonzo's ego was crushed, totally crippled for the very first time--by a woman! "Do you even know who I am?" he said to her. Sure, he thought. She's a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu...but I'm Alonzo, the only rightful heir of the Ortega family. A Spanish billionaire with more power than she can fathom. But he didn’t tell her that. Camila doesn't give a damn about his gorgeous body or his self-absorbed attitude. And that drives him crazy. Now he's obsessed. Not to sleep with her. But to beat her on the mat and show her who the boss. But in the midst of his determination, they begin to form a friendship. Unlike any other woman Alonzo has encountered, Camila does not flirt with him. She pays for her own drinks and would rather teach yoga than party all night. She is blunt and speaks her mind. She is wild but level-headed, confident and strong. She is everything he is not. But everything he needs Read FREE for a limited time only Interview with the author Question - So, what makes A Billionaire's First Love special? Answer - There is a mix of things, I enjoy reading contemporary, action & adventure, satire and mostly enemies to lovers fiction. A Billionaire's First Love- book 1 is set in BALI. My story brings you away and escapes to a different world. This story will bring you to the exotic island of Bali, this is a perfect place to be in love, to see things in different perspectives. to heal and to be reborn again. Overall this book is a breath of fresh air for those who are a little tired of alpha men and submissive women. A book that will bring a hot couple together through jiujitsu, yoga, traveling and most of all being truthful. Question : How did you come up with the idea? As I finished my Jiujitsu class one day, the idea of a martial art romance just appeared, I love women's fictions and romance but can't stand wimpy female prognosis. So creating Camila was perfect for me. A Billionaire's First love is about two imperfect people from entirely different backgrounds and cultures finding strength and empowerment to become better. Question: - How many sequels are you planning for this Series Answer: Initially, I wanted to write a 5 series story, but I think a trilogy will be perfect. Question : As a new author what is your challenge? Answer : Getting more people to read and review my story! *Laugh Question What is book 2 going to be like? Answer : It is going to be sweet and it is going to be good, I will leave a nice surprise for my readers.
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