A Billion Reasons
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A Billion Reasons by Nikky Kaye

Would you work for Christian Grey if he had a sense of humor? INTEROFFICE MEMO Dear Madeline: Be prepared to discuss the following at your performance review: HR guidelines about appropriate skirt length, heel height, perfume at the office, and laughing too much. At our recent work retreat, you failed the trust exercise. You did, however, excel at the ropes course. Note: you do not need to reimburse me for sharing my suite. Remember that your position under me depends on meeting hard, measurable goals. Put this on a sticky note: nine inches. PowerPoint presentation attached. I could list a billion reasons why I don’t need an assistant to help me communicate effectively. After all, I didn’t become this wealthy and powerful by saying “please.” But there is one reason that I need you: I’m falling for you. Mr. Gage
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Books in the contemporary fiction genre are composed of stories that may happen to real people in actual settings. The novels don't fall under other genres or categories. They often happen in precisely the same period that the reader is living (the present), with things that are now, or might be occurring, precisely the same period. The contemporary genre also contains conversational and casual dialogue and sometimes even regional dialects. Contemporary fiction novels will provide you a lot of choices to grow your life reading list. Writers, generally speaking, search for what's trending in their own time for their literary work since it lets them illuminate the weakness or strength of the society.

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“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” ― Mark Twain

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