A 5K and a Kiss
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A 5K and a Kiss by Maddie Evans


Welcome to Brighthead, Maine, a coastal town where the winters are cold and the hearts are warm.

Still reeling after her sister’s sudden death, Aileen Duncan gets an offer from the Brighthead Running Club. They’re holding a 5K race in Kelty’s honor, and they promise running it will help heal Aileen’s heart. Aileen thinks a three-mile race sounds like the furthest thing from healing, but then they offer to train her—and by “they” we mean “Trey,” a cute guy who’s always up for an adventure. He’s her opposite in so many ways, but maybe that’s just what she needs.

Trey has never held much to schedules. Life’s too short not to have fun with it. He’d love to take away Aileen’s pain, and running together is the best way he knows. She enjoys herself when she’s with him. If it leads to more, he’s all-in.

The more miles they run together, the less they can deny the attraction. With her life upended, though, Aileen craves security. Whereas with Trey, there’s always something unexpected around the bend.

A 5K and a Kiss brings together an unlikely pair racing to find love somewhere between the start and the finish line.

Love isn’t a sprint—it’s a long run.

Maddie Evans is a runner and biker. She lives in New England with her family and tropical fish, and she’s always thought warm hearts are the perfect antidote to cold winters.

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