2nd Strike
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2nd Strike by Misty Evans

*** "Read the second installment in this best-selling suspense crime thriller! Crime-writing duo and USA Today best-selling authors Adrienne Giordano and Misty Evans deliver bone-chilling suspense time and time again!" *** Forensic investigator Charlie Schock thought she'd solved the crime. Fifteen years ago, the newborn son of a popular D.C. morning show host Carl Havers was kidnapped from his hospital crib. It was every parent's worst nightmare. Then-FBI Agent Charlie Schock solved the crime in record time, returning Ethan into his mother's grateful arms. But it wasn't the Haver's child. Charlie had gotten it wrong. When the young man shows up at Schock Investigations with a DNA test proving he isn't Carl Haver's boy. He wants to find his parents. And Meg and Charlie need to find the real Ethan Haver. Charlie won't stop until she's solved the case all over again, regardless of the personal cost. The mystery takes her and Meg on an investigation steeped in deception, danger, and possible redemption. Can they bring a lost boy home? If you love suspense mystery thrillers with fearless women facing death around every corner, you will love the Schock Sisters. A mystery series to keep you up all night long!
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