Book Promotion Sites

Here Is Our List Of The Top Book Promotion Sites

AllAuthor $15-20 No Specializes in historical fiction, including historical crime, thrillers, mysteries, sagas, romance, action/adventure, fantasy, and YA.
AllAuthor $24 Yes Regular promotions on Twitter for 6 months in front of 50,000+ followers
Author Ad Network $129 Yes and No Promotes your book to 28 different promotion sites and other social media programs. If erotica, they’ll only promote to certain sites that allow it.
Author Marketing Club Varies Not Stated Service offers submission to 28 separate platforms. Many other tools found on the site which may help with your promo efforts, such as a ‘bookalyzer’.
Awesome Book Promotion $10 – $25 Yes 5 different platforms available. You can choose to spread out your promotion on specific dates on each of the 5 sites or stack them all in one day.
Bargain Booksy $20 – $240 Yes Price paid depends on genre. More popular genres have a bigger list and therefore cost more. Reach larger audience with Deal of the Day Promos. No review requirements.
Birdsheaven $5-15 Yes Emerging, quality erotic book website for kinky readers. The books are carefully categorized and rated based on their level of erotica.
Book Adrenaline $15 – $30 No Mystery or Thriller genres only. Stand-alone novels or the first book in a series only. Free or discounted by 50% or more. Books should have at least ten reviews with an average star rating of 3.5 or better on the
Book Barbarian $35 – $55 No Books must be sci fi or fantasy to qualify. Must have at least 10 reviews with an average of 3.5+ stars.
Book Basset $8 per day – $22 per day No No explicit content whatsoever allowed. Choice of either being a ‘featured author’ or being the giveaway of the day.
Book Bub $113 – $3,984 Not Stated Very strict acceptance criteria, excellent average ROI. Countless authors have reported huge success after being featured on Book Bub. The most popular genre on Book Bub, crime, has almost 4 million subscribers on the list.
Book Cave $15 – $44 (Genre) Yes, but no erotic covers Must have 10-20 reviews, but a new release can have no reviews if you have good reviews on several other books. 100+ pages. Books cannot be more than $2.99 for the promotion, and need to be free, $0.99, or discounted by at least 50%.
Book Goodies $10 – $399 Yes Submit 5 days in advance. One of the few paid services to explicitly allow erotica (no pun intended). Flat rate promotion, no complicated array of options to navigate and decipher.
Book Gorilla $50 – $100 Yes Erotica is accepted but must have “literary quality”. Books must have 5 reviews with an average of 4 stars and be over 100 pages in length.
Book Lemur $25 – $35 No No minimum review amount stated but “the more quality reviews the better”.
Book Reader Magazine $20 Yes $20 guarantees a featured spot on the homepage for 7 days. Also, allows you to submit an author interview for free.
Book Tweeters $15 – $65 No Tweet Your Books to 500,000+ Readers for 1-5 days
bookdealio $70 – $250 Not Stated Either Free or discounted by at least 50%. Typically, the highest price point in our deals portion of the newsletter is $1.99. Apply about 1 month in advance.
BookDoggy $18 – $20 Yes Your book is included in their newsletter and website. Includes a personalized post on their Facebook page. Will link to a series pages, specific giveaway pages, or a link to a video.
BookMelon $19 – $49 No Nonfiction only, High-quality professional book cover, Must have more than 10 ratings (prelaunch book promotions excluded) on your chosen book sales platforms and an average of over 3.5 stars
BookRaid $0.15 – $60 Yes High quality covers only, no minimum reviews but reviews taken into account, price is cost per click basis with $60 maximum charge
BookRunes $25 – $40 No Must be $2.99 or less.
Books Go Social $89 – $499 No Erotica Amazon and Facebook ad programs with NetGalley and Editorial Reviews
Booksliced $30 – $245 Yes Books promoted specifically by genre. Must be free at time of promo to be eligible. Promos available for entire series. No review requirements.
Booksliced $18 – $43 Yes Features eBooks only. Erotic romance accepted. Offers standard book promotions, series promotions and hand-crafted articles about your books.
Buck Books $9 – $29 Not Stated Book must be 0.99 or less during promotion, at least 10 reviews with an average score of 3.8 or higher, well written book description, pro cover design (specifically not Fiverr)
Crave Books $24+ Yes Guaranteed promotion to email list and website. Upgrades for social media, boosts, newsletter feature and more are available.
Dango Books $15 – $25 Yes The discounted price must be below $2.99. Your book must be at least 125 pages. Children’s, non-fiction, and cookbooks do not have to meet this requirement.
Deluxe Romance $15 Yes Guaranteed promotion to email and listing on website. Highly engaged romance only list, that has a very high click through rate. Daily promotions are limited so book early.
Digital Book Today $20 Not Stated Submit at least 4 days in advance. Onsite calendar feature allows you to quickly and easily see whether it will be possible to promote your book during your desired time.
E Reader News Today $40 – $140 No Full length books only. No minimum requirements but reviews are taken into consideration.
eBook Booster $30 Yes Your book promotion sent to 13+ book blog sites. Your promotion is guaranteed and upgrades are available as well.
EBook Deal Of The Day $5-10 Not Stated Costs $5-10 per marketplace (e.g Kindle, iTunes etc). Also offers a specific Kindle India promotion option.
eBook Discovery $21 – $78 No For free & 99c ebooks for adults in various Romance/Thriller genres and sub-genres.
Ebook Hounds $10 – $50 Yes Nonfiction books must be over 100 pages. Fiction books must be over 150. At least 10 reviews averaging 3+ stars.
eBookSoda $29 Yes Your book must have at least 8 reviews unless it’s a new release and an average of 3.5 stars or more. Priced at $4.99 or less on the day of the listing.
eReader Girl $15 No Your book is guaranteed to be promoted via email and on the website.
ExciteSteam $15 – $75 Yes All titles must have an average review of 4 stars or higher (new releases will be evaluated on the basis of the author’s back list reviews). Free and discounted books are preferred.
Free & Discounted Books $12 – $25 Not Stated Submit at least 5 days in advance. Almost every genre imaginable found here. Also the option to list any permafree books you may have.
Free Books Hub $10 – $20 Not Stated Your book will be promoted via email, on the website and through social media. Extra payments can be made in order to be more prominently displayed on both the site and on Facebook.
Free Kindle Books and Tips $25 – $125 Not Stated No specific details offered, authors must contact the site and ask for more info about what the service entails
Freebooksy $30 – $245 Yes Books promoted specifically by genre. Must be free at time of promo to be eligible. Promos available for entire series. No review requirements.
Genre Pulse $16 – $50 Yes No special requirements. Genre Pulse prides themselves on ‘not being fussy.’
Goodkindles $25 – $45 Yes The costlier packages come with prominent home page promotion, social media and newsletter features.
Grown With Hart $5 Yes Primarily for Romance authors. Also offers deals on cover design, blurbs, and list builders.
Hello Books $30 Not Stated Fill out the book submission form – they need your ASIN, your cover, a short description and the size of your mailing list.
Hidden Gems Books $10 – $50 Yes Thousands of quality subscribers and growing daily, newsletter goes out twice a week and price varies on package. All genres of romance. Also has an ARC program for attracting honest reviews
Hot Zippy $23 – $337 Yes One of the biggest ranges of options and prices available. Mix and match book promotions across four websites, audiences, and email newsletters: Bargain eBook Hunter, Pixelscroll, Romance eBook Deals & 13 Horror Street. Choose your dates, sites, and number of days you want to run (2 days up to 30 days). Use your book’s product description or write your own copy. New author friendly – no minimum review requirements or minimum star rating. Erotica titles welcome.
Joelbooks $10-45 No Modern book lover website with a wide range of content for readers. They are active on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Their most popular genres are Children’s books, YA fiction, Thrillers, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Self-help and Business books.
Just Kindle Books $18 – $43 Yes Has a highly engaged newsletter readership and Facebook following. Promotes mostly romance, erotic romance, mystery/thriller, urban fantasy, & women’s fiction. Next-day submissions accepted. Top-notch customer service.
kbookpromotions $140 – $780 Yes eBooks only. Max price is $9.99.
Kindle Nation Daily $29.99 – $139.98 Not Stated Offers myriad packages. You can buy either daily, weekly or monthly packages, and have the option of choosing to promote to specific genre pages or to the whole site in general. Service claims to be able to reach up to 180,000 Kindle owners each day.
KU Addicts Express $15 – $20 Not Stated Must be on Kindle Unlimited for at least the next 30 days. No specific review/rating requirement, but all books go through an editorial consideration that appraises your book’s cover, summary, and reviews.
LitNuts $20 Yes LitNuts was created to bring “the best of the indies” to booklovers. Welcomes bargain books, but promotes books at any price point as long as the book is from an indie author or publisher. (LitNuts does not solicit or accept book promotions from the Big Five or any of their ~250 imprints.) Flat price, multiple genres, easy-to-use calendar and order form.
Love Kissed Book Bargains $5 – $50 Yes Your book must be priced under $2.99, have a professional cover, and a ranking of 3.5 stars or more.
ManyBooks $29 – $79 No, but states will in future Your book must have at least 5 reviews with a four star or better rating. Your cover must be professional.
NewInBooks $299 – $499 Not Stated Book launch promo stack with dedicated launch specialist. Your book must be released in the past 6 months to qualify. Drives paperback sales in addition to ebook sales.
Pillow Talk Books $35 – $250 Yes Promotes all romance genres, including erotica and dark romance. Promotions include social, website, and newsletter blast. Daily emails and rush order options.
Planet Ebooks $20 – $60 Not Stated Your book is featured on home page, promoted by social media blasts and weekly newsletter to our readers depending on package and if you are offering free or discounted book at the time. No minimum quantity/score, erotic romance accepted only with a tasteful cover.
Red Feather Romance $85 to $185 Yes Romance books only. Books promoted by subgenre (steamy, paranormal, historical, etc.). Must be rated 3.5 stars or higher, 50+ pages. Promos are available for entire series.
Red Roses Romance $20-40 Yes Books must be romance or erotica to qualify. Must have at least 10 reviews with an average of 3.5+ stars.
Robin Reads $40 – $85 Yes Books promoted specifically by genre. Erotica is allowed but featured separately. Books must have a good cover and good reviews to be selected. No minimum reviews.
Romance Reads $85 – $175 Yes Book must be either free or discounted with the highest price being $0.99. High-quality cover required.
Snicks List $1 – $5 No One of the two cheapest paid promotion options. You can choose the number of days your promotion will run, with very small price increases for extra days. If you have a permafree book, your promotion will run for a year for only $5.
Steamy Romance Books $34.99 – $349 Yes Specifically for erotica books. On another page, they also offer paid features as well.
TCK Publishing $10 No Professionally designed book cover, must have at least 10 reviews on Amazon, average review rating of 4 stars, book must be $0.99 or cheaper at time of promotion
The Bookish Elf $50-500 No They read all genre books, Historical Fiction, Psychological thriller books, Biography books, Self help books, Romance books, Horror, Mystery, crime, Children’s Books.
The eReader Cafe $25 – $40 No A minimum of 3 reviews with a score of 4+ Book must be submitted at least 3 days in advance and be over 100 pages in length
The Fussy Librarian $10 – $75 Yes Book must be $5.99 or less on the day of the promotion. They offer two newsletters — one for bargain ebooks (100,000+ readers) and one for free ebooks (500,000+ readers).
The History Quill $3 – $4.50 No Historical Fiction only
Thrillerfix $49 – $499 No Must have a great cover, blurb, reviews.
WhizBuzz Books $49 Yes Erotica is accepted but only if the cover and title are suitable for a general audience. The fee buys promotion both on site and on social for one year.
Wild Hearts Romance $45 Yes Exclusively showcasing erotic and contemporary romance books.

How To Use Book Promotion Sites Properly

You’ve written a book and you’re ready to share it with the world. That’s great news! But how do you get your book out there? One way is by using book promotion sites. These are platforms that list books and serve as an easy way for readers to find new titles they might enjoy. Let’s break down how to use these sites correctly.

Choose the Right Sites

Not all book promotion sites are created equal, so you want to make sure you choose the right ones for your needs. For example, some sites focus on specific genres, such as romance or sci-fi, while others list books from all genres. It’s important to research different options and select the best ones for your particular title. If your book is a historical fiction novel, then look for sites that specialize in that genre instead of trying to fit it into a general platform.

Make Sure Your Listing is Accurate

When creating a listing on one of these platforms, be sure to include accurate information about your book such as the title, author name, cover art, synopsis, rating system (if available), etc. You also want to make sure all links are working properly so potential readers can easily purchase your title if they decide they want it. Finally, double check that any keywords associated with your listing accurately represent the content of your book—this will help people find it more easily when searching through the platform itself or through search engine queries.

Engage With Your Readers

Finally, don’t forget to engage with readers who have purchased or read your book! Whether this means leaving comments on reviews or responding directly in forums dedicated to discussing various titles – this type of engagement helps foster relationships between authors and their readership which can be valuable in terms of getting more people interested in checking out what you have written! Plus it just makes good business sense – satisfied customers are much more likely to return again and again (and recommend their friends do too).

Book promotion sites are an excellent way for authors and publishers alike to get their titles out into the world without spending a lot of money on marketing campaigns or other costly advertising methods. When used correctly, these platforms can be incredibly effective in helping connect writers with readers who may not have otherwise found them! Just remember – take time researching which site works best for you; make sure all listings are accurate; and finally engage with those who have already purchased/read your books—it could lead to even greater success down the road! Good luck!

What Are The Most Effective Book Promotion Sites In Social Media

Are you looking for the most effective ways to promote your book on social media? With so many platforms and tools available, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are best for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the five most effective book promotion sites in social media.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool that helps authors create targeted campaigns to reach their desired audience. With Ads Manager, authors can target readers based on geography, demographics, interests, and more. This makes it easy to get your book in front of the right people and maximize your ROI. Plus, Facebook Ads Manager provides detailed analytics so you can track how well your ads are performing.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising is another great way to promote books on social media. You can use Twitter’s targeting features to reach potential readers who may be interested in your book or genre. You can also create tailored messages for promoted tweets or use Twitter’s new “Moments” format to tell the story of your book in an engaging way.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features of Instagram and offers authors a great way to engage with their followers while promoting their books. Stories allow you to post photo and video content that will only last 24 hours, giving readers a sense of urgency when it comes to checking out your latest release. Plus, since Instagram is all about visuals, Authors can get creative with images and videos when promoting their books on Instagram stories.


Goodreads is a platform specifically designed for readers and authors alike. It allows authors to create profiles where they can showcase their books as well as interact with other members of the Goodreads community by reading reviews and joining discussions about their favorite genres or topics related to writing and publishing. What’s more, Goodreads also offers advertising options for authors looking for even more exposure for their books!

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Amazon KDP is an excellent tool for self-published authors looking to promote their work through Amazon’s massive network of readers around the world. KDP allows authors to upload their ebooks directly onto Amazon’s platform and then set up promotions such as free giveaways or discounted prices that will help draw attention from potential readers around the world!

Social media offers countless opportunities for authors looking to promote their books online. From creating targeted campaigns on Facebook Ads Manager or Twitter Advertising, using Instagram Stories or Goodreads profiles, or leveraging Amazon KDP’s massive reach – these five platforms offer some of the best ways for authors to reach new audiences while promoting their work online! By taking advantage of all these tools have offer, you’ll be able to increase visibility while connecting with potential readers who may be interested in what you have written!