Book Marketing Phone Consultation – $75 Hour

On Our Phone Call, We Don’t Tell You Want You Want To Hear…
We Tell You What You Need To Know!

Areas We Discuss During Your Consultation

Pay Per Click Marketing – Facebook, Amazon and BookBub PPC questions.  Setting up campaigns, tracking, pixel implementation and return on investment.

Website Setup & Design – Setup, hosting, SEO, implementing opt-ins, blog content, outreach and more.

Newsletter & List Building – Services to use, best practices, lead magnets, click through rates and related.

Building Street Teams & ARC’s – How to ask for help, building a solid team, safe-guarding your free books, gifting through Amazon.

And Anything Else Related To Digital Book Marketing – Enter your specific questions below in the submission form.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the consolation, we will refund your entire hour.

All we ask is for you to tell us what we could have done better.

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