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Summer Heat by daniavoss

Have your Kindle ready to go for summer by preordering Summer Heat today !  You’ll be prepared for the hot summer sun … and even hotter summer nights!Summer just got hotter with these steamy stories.Summer...
Love, Lust, and Longing that is out of this world. This stellar set of steamy stories comes from the most sinful corners of space...Whether this collection of stories takes you for a journey across the...
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Four Kings who will leave you breathless—each one sexier than the other.No fairy tale collection is complete without Cinderella. In The Vampire King meet Cindy. Will she put her trust in a drunken hooker, who...
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Dragon shifters and their mates heat up the pages in these sweltering romances.PierceA group of dragons traveled from Scotland to the New World a millennium ago to guard a treasure that none could know of....
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Hearts Across Time by Sherry Ewing

Bestselling author Sherry Ewing presents this special edition novel combining Katherine and Riorden’s complete story from For All of Ever and Only For You in Hearts Across Time: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through...
Colin Ward receives news that his brother has been killed during a cattle drive. The man who killed him, Vernon Odell, is beyond the reach of the law and also eight hundred miles away from...

Love You Forever by Alexis Winter

Seven drop-dead delicious stories in one steamy collection! Fall in love with each of these hilarious women as they navigate life, love, and maybe a disaster or two.Like a totally off-limits fling with the wrong brother, being...
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The Kraken Series Boxset One by Tiffany Roberts

Fierce kraken determined to claim human mates—and win their hearts.It all began when a storm capsized a small boat, sending a woman into the raging ocean—and into the arms of a wandering kraken whose curiosity...
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Carson Chronicles by John A. Heldt

Shortly after his parents disappear on a hike, Arizona engineer Adam Carson, 27, searches for answers. Then he discovers a secret web site and learns that his mother and father are time travelers stuck in...

The Doyles Complete Series by Sophie Austin

Escape to the world of the Doyles mafia romance. Dangerous men who will do anything for family and the women they love. These brothers are the Boston Irish mob’s big-hearted bad boys. The Doyles Complete...

Web of Sin Boxed Set by Aleatha Romig

“Have you been Aleatha’d?”“Aleatha is back, better than ever...” Six Chick Book BlogWeb of Sin boxed set is the deliciously intriguing collection that includes: SECRETS, LIES, and PROMISES.Welcome to the Sparrow Web world, Sterling Sparrow...
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Hot Shifter Summer by Haley Weir

Treat yourself to Hot Shifter Summer and cause a heat wave no matter the weather.Get involved with the most scandalous CEO on the planet.Immerse yourself in a world of magic with a cursed bloodline of Viking Lords.Share...
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Shifter Dating Agency by Haley Weir

Experience the Rush of True Love Twelve Times Over.Live In The Drama That Comes When You're Bound To Your Perfect Match Through Fate.Share a bed with Giddeon Black. As the Alpha and creator of Kismet Dating Agency, he's always the...
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Reign: A Romance Anthology by Nina Levine, Penny Dee, Kat T. Masen, KE Osborn, Bec McMaster, Evie Mitchell, Addison Jane, Emma James, Liz Lovelock, Kally Ash, Leesa Bow, JA Low, Corinne Mazille.

Royalty, CEOs, mafia kings, and more. When love conquers, will they fall to their knees for the person they can't live without? Reign is a collection of thirteen brand new romance novellas featuring men and...
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Seven full-length small-town romance novels by Christina Butrum.Welcome to Maple Glen, where the Mitchell siblings are all about to learn that love has a way of finding you when you least expect it. From falling...