25 August, 2020 By Chelsea Parker

The Best Romance Novels of All Time

It’s hard to pick the single best romance novels of all time. Some people prefer a steamy romance novel, while others prefer historical fiction that transports them to the past. Still others reach for the classics. Instead of trying to find the best romance novel overall, check out the best books in each sub-genre. Then you can find the best book for your personal taste. Once you find your book, dive in. Now’s the perfect time to soak up the romance.

The Best Romance Novels in Each Genre

Best Rom-Com — “The Hating Game” by Sally Thorne

Publication Date : August 09, 2016

Print Length : 369 pages

You don’t need to go to the movies to enjoy a rom-com. “The Hating Game” is the perfect blend of wit and romance, and you will fall in love with the writing style and the story. The bestselling novel follows executive assistants Lucy and Joshua. As you can probably glean from the title, the two don’t like each other. Of course, this is a rom-com, so you know what that means. The attraction is bubbling under the surface, and eventually, the two will have to address it. This is a fun ride and can easily be called the best romance novel of all time.

Best Contemporary Romance — “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks

Publication Date : January 05, 2000

Print Length : 227 pages

“The Notebook” is always part of the conversation when discussing the best romance novel of all time. This novel is about the power of timeless love and how people can find their way back together, even after experiencing a long separation. While there is plenty of love and romance to go around in this novel, you can also expect to shed a few tears. It’s a beautifully written novel, and everyone should read it at least once.

Best Historical Romance Book — “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon

Publication Date : June 02, 1992

Print Length : 850 pages

Why settle for one book when you can devour an entire series of romance books? The “Outlander” series follows a time-traveling World War II nurse who finds love with a young soldier. Countless people agree that this is the best historical romance series available, so don’t miss out. Also, don’t make the mistake of watching the television series before you read the books. The series is great, but the books are even better.

Best Suspensive Romance Book — “I-Team” by Pamela Clare

Publication Date : August 02, 2005

Print Length : 352 pages

“I-Team” is also a romance book series, but instead of historical romance, this one is suspenseful. You’ll follow an investigative reporter who tackles huge stories that include kidnappings and other matters of national and international importance. No matter how complicated the case, she manages to find love while digging up details. These books are fast-paced and fun and have enough romance to suck you in.

Best High School Romance Book — “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins

Publication Date : August 04, 2011

Print Length : 400 pages

You don’t need a job and a mortgage to enjoy some romance. “Anna and the French Kiss” is easily the best of the high school romance books. Anna is preparing for her senior hear of high school in her hometown of Atlanta. Her dad has other plans, though, and ships her off to Paris to attend boarding school. It isn’t long before Anna meets the man of her dreams, who is unfortunately already spoken for. If you love high school romance books, this novel will immediately draw you in.

Best Erotic Novel — “Natural Law” by Joey W. Hill

Publication Date : January 14, 2016

Print Length : 290 pages

If erotic romance books are your thing, you will soak up every page of “Natural Law.” It checks all the most important boxes. First, there’s Mackenzie Nighthorse, an alpha male working as a homicide detective. Then, there’s a bondage club, where he has to go undercover to hunt down a murderer. Things really heat up when he falls for a dominatrix. See, this steamy romance novel really does have it all, so get ready to get lost in the pages.

Best Classical Romantic Novel — “North and South” by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell and Patricia Ingham

Publication Date : January 01, 1970

Print Length : 528 pages

If you’re a fan of classical romantic novels, “North and South” is the perfect choice for you. The novel is part social commentary and part love story, and it also features one of the most compelling heroines of all time in Margaret Hale. Hale is passionate about social justice and wants mill owner John Thornton to treat his employees better. At the same time, an attraction develops between the two. After you read it, don’t be surprised if you decide it’s the best romance novel of all time.

Get Ready for the Romance

Each of these books could easily be named the best romance novels of all time. It comes down to the subgenre you prefer. Check out the top book in your favorite subgenre to find out why it’s so highly rated. Then, dip your toes into another subgenre or two. These novels are so amazing that it’s worth expanding your reading list by trying new subgenres.