9 September, 2019 By Chelsea Parker

5 Second Chance Romance Books You Must Read

Second chance romance stories typically tend to be more realistic than traditional love stories where the two fated lovers meet, instantly feel the fireworks, and live happily ever after. In these stories, life is infinitely more complex – just like in the real world. Missed chances, poor timing, and external pressures all make the journey of love more compelling, juicier, and richer.
Here are a few of the most heart-wrenching and thrilling second chance romance books you might want to check out.

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Fearless Men: Serenade, Sincerely, and Suddenly

Fearless Men: Serenade, Sincerely, and Suddenly is a three-part series about lovers whose adventures stray from the typical romantic beaten path. In Serenade, who meet in college. Their short-lived romance ends in heartbreak, and they go their separate ways. Ten years later, their paths intertwine once again. But what do their secrets reveal about each, and how do they threaten their relationship?

In Sincerely, murder and romantic intrigue combine. The protagonist, Joanna, becomes involved passionately with her neighbor. He’s charming, fun, and sexy – but could he also be a killer? Finally Suddenly is a story of opposites attracting. A supermodel considered “high-maintenance” by some and a doctor who enjoys the simple things in life don’t seem made for each other at all. But sometimes you rekindle a second chance romance in the most unexpected places.

For You

For You is a suspenseful romance thriller, set in a small town against a backdrop of murder, intrigue, and confused feelings. Colt and Feb were the quintessential American sweetheart couple, going steady in high school. Tragedy tore them apart and life took them new directions. When Feb comes back to town to run the family business, Colt assumes the role of murder investigator and personal bodyguard to Feb.

Not Quite a Husband (The Marsdens)

Not Quite a Husband (The Marsdens) covers the less explored corners of love across continents. Shaken by his wife’s decision to buck traditional women’s roles by becoming a doctor, Leo separates from Byrony and they live their own lives – until some unspoken bond drags Leo halfway across the world, at the request of Byrony’s sister, to rural India in search of her. Will she forgive her estranged husband for his harsh treatment? And why does fate seem unwilling to let them go on their own?

The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage Bargain is a heady contemplation of love, money, mystical power of connection, and sacrifice. Book-store owner Alexa, desperate to salvage her family’s financial status, appeals to the powers of the spirits for an answer. The answer comes in an expected form – her best friend’s billionaire brother. A marriage is arranged, first for business reasons, but later emotions become more complicated.

Follow Me Follow You

Follow Me, Follow You is a compelling tale of mixed emotions, modern work-life balance struggles, and lovers reunited. Victoria is a career woman, the successful executive of a social media site. When she is reunited with her long-lost love, actor Chris Frampton, a whirlwind of sentimentality, grief, guilt, and passion encircle the two and force some tough decisions. This is one of the most thought-provoking second chance at love romance novels out there.