24 July, 2020 By Chelsea Parker

10 Best Erotic Romance Novels According to Readers

Are you searching for a steamy romance novel to pass the time? Our readers have spoken and selected the best erotic romance novels of all time. Whether you are on the hunt for erotic historical romance novels or something set in the present time, these books have you covered. Get ready to dive into romance while reading the best erotica out there.

10 Best Erotic Romance Novels

“The Name of the Game” by Jennifer Dawson

Publication Date : January 01, 1949

Print Length : 352 pages

Countless readers agree that “The Name of the Game” is one of the best erotic romance novels ever written. It has a basic setup that begins with a talented baker and an uptight professor with differing personalities that tend to clash. They can’t help but feel intrigued, though, and soon, the romance heats up. If you want some light BDSM and role play, you’ll want to check out this steamy romance novel.

“Beautiful Stranger” by Christina Lauren

Publication Date : May 28, 2013

Print Length : 352 pages

Sex sells, which is why this book has flown off the shelves. It’s easy to immerse yourself in this steamy book that features one hot sex scene after the next. This novel isn’t about married sex either. It’s about that exciting stranger sex that can occur just about anywhere. That’s part of the fun, and it’s so hot you half expect the pages to catch fire when you read this romantic erotic novel.

“Destiny” by Sally Beauman

Publication Date : October 22, 2013

Print Length : 1036 pages

If you’re searching for erotic historical romance novels, you can’t beat “Destiny.” It’s the classic tale of star-crossed lovers who have unlimited passion, and like the best erotica, the couple spends lots of time between the sheets.

“If I Were You” by Lisa Renee Jones

Publication Date : September 13, 2012

Print Length : 401 pages

This is one of the best erotic romance novels of all time, and it’s also one of the most thrilling. It starts with Sarah reading her neighbor’s erotic journals and then continues with her own love triangle. There’s lots of sex and a heavy dose of mystery in this steamy erotic novel.

“Willing Victim” by Cara McKenna

Publication Date : July 07, 2016

Print Length : 161 pages

“Willing Victim” is easily one of the best erotic novels out there. The pages are filled with erotica, including role play and sex. There’s even some BDSM thrown in for good measure. This isn’t like other novels that go so over the top with the BDSM that it doesn’t seem real. It’s also not one of those novels that believe that BDSM can only occur if the man is a commitment-phobic billionaire with significant emotional trauma. This is more like real life if your real life contains lots of sex.

“Just Past Two” by Elia Winters

Publication Date : May 20, 2019

Print Length : 180 pages

“Just Past Two” is like a wish-fulfillment fantasy with lots of kink and sex. Abby was a wild child in college but calmed down and met her straitlaced husband, Sam. Sam finds out about her previously wild ways and decides the two should explore their fantasies together. It heats up quickly and stays there, so you can expect a hot and wild ride with this one.

“Boyfriend Bargain” by Isla Madden-Mills

Publication Date : May 02, 2019

Print Length : 356 pages

You can’t have a list of the best erotic romance novels without including one that starts with a fake relationship. “Boyfriend Bargain” does just that. When Sugar Ryan and Zack Morgan start a fake relationship, they have no intention of falling in love. However, their chemistry is off the charts, and it gets hotter after they hook up. You’ll feel that chemistry fly off the pages as you read these steamy scenes.

“Sinner” by Sierra Simone

Publication Date : March 15, 2018

Print Length : 368 pages

Sean Bell’s brother used to be a priest, but Sean is more of a sinner. His deity is capitalism, but his world is turned around when Zenny Iverson asks a favor before she becomes a nun. She wants Sean to show her everything she’ll be missing when she moves to the convent, and that’s when the novel turns the heat up a notch. Page for page, this book delivers more erotica than most novels while also addressing topics like spirituality.

“Off the Clock” by Roni Loren

Publication Date : January 05, 2016

Print Length : 432 pages

“Off the Clock” has one of the best plots you’ll find in a romance novel. Marin Rush is a sex therapist who is working at a sex therapy institute. She’s underprepared and inexperienced, so her colleague assigns her some tasks to make her more comfortable. There’s one problem, though. Many of the R-rated tasks are meant for two, so her colleague lends her a hand. That leads to some of the steamiest sex scenes you’ll read.

“Dating-Ish” by Penny Reid

Publication Date : May 16, 2017

Print Length : 356 pages

“Dating-Ish” has it all. You’ll enjoy fun banter, a great story, and lots of sex. The novel follows journalist Marie who is writing about different types of love and companionship. Enter Matt, a researcher who wants to replace relationships with artificial intelligence. The sexual chemistry slowly builds, and then, there is a sex scene that will hook you. After that scene, expect this to become one of your favorite books.

Curl Up With These Romantic Erotic Novels

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