22 February, 2019 By Chelsea Parker

Top 6 Tablet Pillows Reviews

6 Popular Tablet Pillows Reviews

Do you ever find yourself wanting to watch something on your tablet but your arms get tired holding it up for the entire length of a movie, or you want to watch in bed or the car but can quite get the angle right? There are so many choices and options and hopefully, one of the following products will help eliminate these problems in an extra comfortable way.

So get ready to sit back and enjoy your book or tablet in a new handsfree way with one of these great products.

The LapGear Original Tablet Pillow is a comfortable way to use your tablet hands-free. Made with plush fabric and micro-beads, it can hold your tablet vertically or horizontally and can be used with multiple types of tablets up to 10” wide in size. Its compact size and carry handle make it great for travel. There is an additional pocket that can hold your cell phone or earbuds. Multiple colors mean there is a style option for everyone.

This iPad Tablet Stand Pillow Holder – Universal Phone & Tablet Stand is made with a microfiber fabric that can be removed and machine washed. The body of the pillow is made of sturdy foam and it can hold tablets of all sizes. It can be used while lounging or placed on a table or desk. This pad holder also comes in many colors.

The Book Seat is a book holder and a travel pillow all rolled into one. The book pillow will mold itself to sit on your lap or any other surface you put it on. It is made of faux suede material and has a pocket for your cell phone, glasses or highlighters. This pillow allows the reader to read a hardcover book hands-free comfortably.


SKIVA makes the EasyStand Pad Pillow Stand for use with multiple types of tablets. It is made of soft foam and a durable cotton denim fabric that can be removed and hand washed. This style of tablet pillow stand can also hold laptops or books. It is just like a bean bag and can be used for hands-free reading or watching. The entire pillow is machine washed and dried. The microfiber is soft enough to double as a travel pillow and can even clean your screens!

The IPEVO PadPillow Stand is comfortable enough to be a pillow but strong enough to hold your tablet. It has a cotton cover that is removable and washable by hand. It is compatible with many types of tablets and can even unfold to hold a keyboard. Can be used on both your lap or on a table top.

Flipy makes a Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand that has three different angles for your most comfortable viewing just by flipping it over. This was designed by an optical engineer who perfected the optimal angles with specific angles and different heights. Made of ultra-suede and lightweight foam the cover can be removed for easy cleaning. Compatible with many types of tablets it can also be used to hold books. This can be used on your lap, on a table top or in the car.